Every Relationship Begins With a Date.
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General Overview
About Date.com

Date.com is the leading online dating site providing effective advertising solutions for Brand and Direct response advertisers. Using verified registration data, advertisers are able to target every aspect of a Date.com member's profile. This enables us to precisely target specific demographic criteria.

Date.com is a pioneer in the online dating industry. Launched in 1997 and re-launched in 2000 as a subscription-based service, it was profitable within three months and has remained so ever since.

Types of Members

Date.com has both "Free" and "Gold" members. Free members can create a profile, upload their photo, search the member database, and show interest in other members. Gold members can do all this and also send email and chat with other members.

The Gold Membership is offered at $24.95 US for one month, $49.95 US for three months, $74.95 US for six months and $99.95 for one year. Based on a one year membership, the cost for a Gold membership is less than $9 per month.

Advertising With Us
Our philosophy is to apply the same relationship management techniques that we use in our on-line offering to our advertisers; just like we connect like-minded people with each other, our goal as an advertising medium is to connect you, the advertiser, with your target consumer. Date.com has built an advertising program that allows advertisers to specifically target the audience that best fits their marketing goal. Using the verified data provided by our members during the registration process you can efficiently communicate your message to a very specific audience.

Why should you use a dating site as an advertising platform?

According to the US Census Bureau nearly 50% of the United States is now single. This is a 47% increase over the last 20 years. We have seen a tremendous increase in the acceptance of dating sites as an acceptable, practical and successful way to meet that special someone. The nature of being single increases the likelihood that a person's discretionary income is allocated towards entertainment, fashion, dining out, movies, and spending on self rather than on family. Additionally our members have a higher propensity to conduct online purchases, and spend on items that provide convenience or improve their personal appearance, and well being. If you want to reach a web savvy, socially active, single with historically larger discretionary incomes than Date.com is the place for you.

Targeting Capabilities

Date.com incorporates some of the most advanced advertising serving technology available today. Combine this powerful software with our member registration data and you will experience targeted advertising campaigns unavailable anywhere else. Using this type of targeting we can make sure that your ads only show to the exact market you are trying to reach. If females ages 18-35, in the U.S. are the only people qualified to see your ads than that is the only member type who will see the ads. It's that simple...

Targeting Criteria

  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Gender
  • Smoking Behavior
  • Drinking Behavior
  • Children
  • Income
  • Religion
  • BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Assumptive Pooling
  • Smoking and Drinking Behavior in conjunction with BMI Indexes to isolate "At Risk" groups for Heart Disease or High Blood Pressure.

Advertising Opportunities

  • Banners
    • - 728x90
    • - 120x600
    • - 160x600
    • - 468x60
    • - 300x250
    • - 120x90
    • - 120x60
    • - Pop Under
  • Email
    • - Solo Emails
    • - Newsletters
  • Lead Generation
  • Postal File
  • Sponsorships
    • - Polls and Surveys
    • - Custom Content
    • - Advertorials
    • - Site Takeovers
    • - Out of Home Promotions
    • - Sweepstakes

Date.com Facts

  • 2.2 Million Active Members Monthly
  • 30,000 - 50,000 New Members Weekly
  • 100,000,000+ Monthly Ad Impressions

A Letter From Our Director of Marketing
2006 proved to be an incredible year for Date.com and our advertisers. We successfully released version 3.0 of Date.com, which provided a faster, more efficient online experience with more features than ever. We also worked with our leading advertisers to consolidate ad positions, improve our targeting capabilities, and launched several new products built on customized data collection. We have also acquired and developed several new Online Dating properties to reach Niche Markets and expand our reach.

Online Dating continues to increase in popularity with every successful relationship. Online Dating is a powerful tool in the dating process. The mainstream has recognized and adopted Online Dating into their lives. Having a profile on a dating site is as normal as having an email address, cell phone or television. If you are single and are looking for that perfect person there is a high probability you also have a dating profile posted on the internet, this will only continue to grow in years to come.

Date.com will continue to pave the way in developing unique advertising opportunities for Brand and Direct Marketers. Our ever increasing targeting capabilities and consistent stream of new members allow us the unique advantage of providing an endless stream of niche opportunities specifically tailored to your needs.

We hope that you will also recognize the power of our site and allow us the opportunity to work with you in 2006 and beyond.


Javier Barragan
Director of Marketing